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Slower Style: The Amazing Future of Sustainable Fashion

Slower Style: The Amazing Future of Sustainable Fashion

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Not so fast, fashion. Designs and prices are out of control, so only one thing can save the fashion industry: Slower Style. Bringing together the best ideas about sustainable fashion, minimalism, and conscious consumerism, slower style is the trend that is here to stay. Explore the best and worst parts of the sustainable fashion industry with Allie Frownfelter. After graduating with a degree in sustainability, she started her own booming sustainable fashion company. Bottle Thread is the first of many sustainable fashion companies to arise pushing back against cheap, expensive, and functionless clothing. Slower Style documents how Allie started the business, goals for the industry, and tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs. Witty, pragmatic, and insightful, Slower Style is a book that can transform your wardrobe and help you promote more conscious consumerism.

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