Hi! I’m Cate Vegas. I’m a style fanatic, writer, runner, Digital Strategist, dog lover, and regular person who wants to make a lasting impact by sharing my socially conscious journey.

How did I get here? It’s a winding and continuous road:

  • 2011 – Started career in marketing. As an independent consultant, I knew I could choose projects and companies I believed in and that I thought made a positive impact.
  • 2015 – Studied Social Enterprise in India and completed the Social Impact module for my MBA. Realized that I was already making an impact by marketing socially conscious businesses.
  • 2016 – Among the Stars Consulting is born, a business founded to market socially conscious businesses and adhere to socially conscious practices.
  • 2018 – Founded SoCon Networking Community, a networking group for furthering consciousness in business. With high demand, the networking community expands from Portland to Chicago, Houston, Austin, LA, and San Francisco.
  • I walked the talk in business, but how about in life? Toward the end of 2018, my YouTube channel is launched, with the first video being an audit of my makeup to see if it’s as conscientious as I think.
  • 2020 – SoCon is a sponsor and initial planner of the March 4 “Elevate Business” conference with Conscious Capitalism Portland.
  • 2020 (right after Elevate Business) – World ends. The perfect time to dive into my personal socially conscious journey on a deeper level, I start Becoming Woke, the first iteration of this blog.
  • 2021 – After several audits of my clothes, beauty products, supplements, and makeup among other things, I realize I need to make changes. A Buy Nothing challenge, a conscious capsule wardrobe, and a major focus on fitness are some of the year’s highlights.
  • 2022 – My socially conscious goals are written about and shared on social media, so I don’t forget them and hold myself accountable. In hindsight, the goals are heavily focused on body and fitness. Much of the year is spent on minimalism.
  • 2023 – We are here!

The theme for 2023? Live your socially conscious style in body, mind, spirit, and community.

Balance is key.

Focusing only on one aspect can help you see improvement where you’re focused on it. Living as a socially conscious citizen is a journey of balancing body, mind, and spirit. And I’m adding community because it’s an element I’ve missed since 2020. SoCon and Among the Stars are no longer in business, so finding and creating community again will be a big part of 2023.

Social consciousness is learning to care for yourself, care for others, and care for the planet. It’s experiencing and enjoying the world as it is, and finding ways to create a positive impact.

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