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2-Ply Woven Copper Scrubbing Cloth - Set of 2

2-Ply Woven Copper Scrubbing Cloth - Set of 2

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2-Ply Woven Copper Scrubbing Cloth - Durable and Non-Abrasive Scrubber, Machine Washable, Alternative to Chore Boy Copper Scrubber, Copper Scouring Pads, and Brillo Pad, Set of 2


  • Durable Material - The REDECKER Copper Cleaning Cloth is designed with a 2-Ply Woven Fiber, ensuring its longevity and durability. This cloth can withstand rigorous cleaning tasks and last for a long time
  • Non-Abrasive Scrubber - Unlike other harsh cleaning tools, this copper cleaning cloth is non-abrasive. It cleans thoroughly without scratching or damaging your delicate surfaces
  • Versatile Cleaning - This copper cloth is not just for kitchen use. It's also perfect for household cleaning, wall cleaner, cast iron scrubber, and even as a tool for your angle grinder
  • Easy to Use - The REDECKER Copper Cleaning Cloth is easy to use. Just add your favorite cleaning solution, and it will do the rest. It's an excellent alternative to chore boy copper scrubber, brass scrub pad, and scotch brite pads
  • Eco-Friendly - This copper cleaning cloth is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable cleaning pads. It's reusable, reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable cleaning routine

Introducing the REDECKER Copper Cleaning Cloth, a must-have tool for your household cleaning arsenal. This 2-Ply woven fiber scrubber is as durable as it is effective, promising a long-lasting solution to your cleaning needs. Unlike traditional scouring pads, this copper cleaning cloth is non-abrasive, ensuring no damage to your precious utensils and surfaces. It's the perfect alternative to chore boy copper scrubber or copper scrubbing pads. You'll find it as useful as a brass scrub pad, offering the same level of cleanliness with a softer touch.
Our copper cleaning cloth stands out in the market for its quality and performance. It effortlessly outperforms scotch brite pads, green scrubbing pads, and even the popular brillo pads. It's not just a copper scrubber; it's a copper scouring pad, a copper scrubby, and a copper wool scrubber all in one. This versatile tool is perfect for cleaning cast iron, acting as a cast iron scrubber that won't scratch or damage your pans. It's also an excellent dish scrubber, making dish sponges for washing dishes a thing of the past.
So why settle for a regular scouring pad or a copper chore boy when you can have the REDECKER Copper Cleaning Cloth? It's time to upgrade your cleaning tools and experience the difference for yourself. Order now and transform your cleaning routine forever.

EAN: 4037892501335

Package Dimensions: 6.4 x 6.0 x 0.4 inches

Languages: german

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