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Palmini Hearts of Palm Rice

Palmini Hearts of Palm Rice

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Palmini Rice | Low-Carb, Low-Calorie Hearts of Palm Rice | Keto, Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO | As seen on Shark Tank | (12 Ounces Pouches - Pack of 3)


  • Light on Calories, Heavy on Flavor: Dive into guilt-free satisfaction with Palmini—an indulgent, low-calorie alternative. Its subtle flavor seamlessly complements any pairing, letting the true essence of your dish shine through.
  • Carb-Conscious Culinary Delight: Palmini caters to low-carb and keto enthusiasts, offering a delectable experience that aligns with your dietary goals, minus the excess carbs.
  • Gluten-Free Goodness Unleashed: Embrace a gluten-free lifestyle with Palmini. Crafted from heart of palm, it's a delicious substitute that caters to gluten-sensitive palates.
  • Effortless Prep, Wonderful Meals: Palmini streamlines your mealtimes with quick and easy preparation, ensuring a delightful, healthy meal experience without the fuss.
  • Versatility Meets Palate Pleasure: Palmini serves as your culinary canvas, allowing you to unleash creativity in the kitchen. From classic to exotic, savor the endless possibilities of healthy dishes.


  • 4g of Carbs, 20 Calories, No sugar and Gluten Free!
  • Palmini is a low-carb substitute made out of a natural plant known as Hearts of Palm.
  • BPA Free, Kosher, Non-GMO verified and Vegan
  • Limited Stock!!
  • Ships in 5 - 10 Business Days
  • When this plant is cut and cooked properly, its resemblance to regular rice is remarkable!
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