Spring Trends I Love

As Demonstrated by My Friends & Family

1 – Silk

Mondo models his Indie Ella Clothing upcycled silk kimono, the staple of sun and wind protection for beach days, pool lounging, festivals, picnics, and cool nights.

Yes, runway shows rolled out silk in droves for the season, with prints and colors ranging from subtle to absolutely wild. I love all of them! Mondo’s kimono is half-wild, in a universal navy blue with embroidered shiny sequin flowers.

Upcycled silk reduces waste of course, yet exudes the quiet luxury and comfort that I love. And I’ll say it now: washable upcycled silk will never go out of style.

2 – Woven Threads

Ayana is rocking a whole lot of awesome here, including chainmail. The MAD MAX end-of-the-world look has only grown in popularity recently, but so has the sci-fi future look, and this can be both! Woven threads are everywhere right now, and they are a reliable yet avant guarde festy and costume style. Ayana shows us you can wear woven threads on a regular Friday night, too.

Many handmade, local, and artisanal options abound, which you can see by checking Etsy or browsing festival boutiques and artist markets. Plus there are thriving upcycled and second-hand markets in-person and online.

For me personally, chainmail specifically may be too trendy. Other macrame clothing and loose weaves make more sense with my style. I also appreciate these for longevity and timelessness of wear since those styles can be re-accessorized and used for vacations, beach, pool, and costumes – year after year. But if you can rock chainmail and will rock it often and long-term, do so!

3 – Studs

Ayana is also modeling a studded jacket. Studs add an edge to shoes, jackets, pants, belts etc. and have been an undercurrent in fashion for a while. Now they’re back in force. Just check out this Norma Kamali swimsuit! And I adored the extreme “Don’t hug me”

4 – Backless Is Always In!

OK, this one is modeled by me. I’ve been collecting backless shirts and dresses for years! I love the sexiness of it while it still looks classy. Yes, even with a bra.

Seriously, maybe it’s just me, but backless pieces are great investments because they’ll always be in style, so you can pick them up new I’ll be sure to get some vintage Cate posts up as far back as 2005 rocking a backless Abercrombie shirt that I still have and wear today in 2023.

5 – Metallics

Metallic colors are in, as fashionistas want bold over bland for going out. Ayana’s jacket is the double dose of metallic-plus-stud look that’s been popping up on Christian Louboutin pumps, Spring sequins, and sustainable Festival Fashion brands like Love Khaos.

Metallics weren’t particularly a thing for the past few years, so if you want to take this to a more ethical, dive deep into the vintage archives, or just find a fair-trade, local, or eco-friendly option. Plus, consider longevity and repeat wearability. Silver goes with anything, but other metallics may be more difficult to rotate in.

6 – Ear Flap Hats and Festy Hats

Actually, animal ears are great alone and so are ear flaps. Great for camping or chilly evening walks! And Mondo looks so cute.

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