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Unveiling the Dark Side of Amazon and Prime Day

Amazon doesn’t need you, and you don’t need Amazon. A History of the Behemoth Amazon was incorporated in 1994 and quickly revolutionized how we buy books. The company soon became an e-commerce giant, acquiring online booksellers and opening sales to almost all types of consumer goods. Without a doubt, it is now the dominant force […]

5 Reasons to Buy Nothing for Earth Month 2023

As we approach Earth Month, it’s important to reflect on our consumption habits and their impact on the planet. Many probably remember my crazy challenge for Earth Day 2021 where I participated in Buy Nothing for 30 days, where the challenge is to refrain from purchasing any non-essential items for an entire month. (I found […]

How For Days Co. Introduced Me to Circular Fashion

The Conscious Closet Dilemma Fall 2022 I was in the midst of my epic clothing purge, after realizing how much time and money it was really costing me to move, store, sort, and organize things I never wore. Clothes were listed on my Poshmark closet, but I wasn’t seeing fast enough sales. And some pieces […]

Day 11: Buy Nothing Challenge

The biggest thing that makes this ‘challenge’ mentally challenging for me? The perception that I would be missing out on the joy of buying things. Eleven days in, I’m convinced that’s not entirely the case. Mindless Buying Is Unconscious Buying Several items on this past week’s list are things I might have purchased without thinking […]