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Surprise Lessons from a Birchbox Review

Auditing more beauty boxes, I soon came to the uncomfortable truth: The most socially conscious thing is to not buy what you don’t need. And these I didn’t need.

2022 Goals

My 2022 goals to become more socially conscious this year.

Day 11: Buy Nothing Challenge

The biggest thing that makes this ‘challenge’ mentally challenging for me? The perception that I would be missing out on the joy of buying things. Eleven days in, I’m convinced that’s not entirely the case. Mindless Buying Is Unconscious Buying Several items on this… Continue Reading “Day 11: Buy Nothing Challenge”

Day 5: Buy Nothing Challenge

I survived the weekend still buying nothing! I’ve been making a list of purchases that have really, really tempted me. Like, I was justifying in my head why I “need” to purchase said thing. When I looked at the list, I realized there are… Continue Reading “Day 5: Buy Nothing Challenge”

Buying Nothing for 30 Days

Today is April 1, 2021. This is not an April Fools joke. I’m going to document my journey to not buy anything besides food and supplies (sponges, laundry soap, etc.) for 30 whole days. Why Buy Nothing? Let’s face it… It’s too easy to… Continue Reading “Buying Nothing for 30 Days”