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I Tracked What I Wore All Month. Here’s What I Learned

My closet is of modest size, and I share it with my husband. After not buying clothes for all of 2022, and selling/ gifting/ donating/ eventually recycling unusable clothing, I thought I was a minimalist. So I decided to follow the Eco-Fashion Influencer trend and catalogue everything in my closet. Then, I tracked everything I […]

5 Ways to Start Wearing Conscious

Wearing stylish and sustainable clothing is a great way to not only look good but also feel positive about your impact on the planet. It can be tough to know where to start, though, with vague marketing messages, tons of options, and a lot of companies jumping on the ‘conscious’ bandwagon. The journey to where […]

How For Days Co. Introduced Me to Circular Fashion

The Conscious Closet Dilemma Fall 2022 I was in the midst of my epic clothing purge, after realizing how much time and money it was really costing me to move, store, sort, and organize things I never wore. Clothes were listed on my Poshmark closet, but I wasn’t seeing fast enough sales. And some pieces […]