Too Good To Go Is Too Good To Not Use

What Is Too Good To Go?

Too Good To Go is a mobile app that helps eliminate food waste by connecting users with local restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and other food establishments that have surplus food at the end of the day. Often this food cannot be donated or there are transportation/ licensing/ other issues that prevent donation. The app allows users to purchase unsold food at a discounted price, which would otherwise go to waste. The result? A Win-Win, with business owners able to still recoup some money for their product, users able to afford items they might not otherwise try, and of course everyone benefits because food is diverted from the garbage.

How Is Too Good To Go Socially Conscious?

Food waste is a common problem, with a full 1/3 of all food being wasted. As consumers, we often think of it as ‘cash in the trash’, but businesses also lose money when food doesn’t sell: $1.2 trillion worth of food is wasted every year.

Cultivating, packaging, transporting and selling food all give off greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions are all for nothing and wasted themselves if no one eats the food and it’s put into the garbage.

Here are some ways in which Too Good To Go helps to eliminate food waste:

  1. Direct diversion of food waste from the trash: Too Good To Go helps to reduce food waste by allowing users to purchase unsold food items from local businesses at the end of the day. This helps to reduce the amount of food that would otherwise go to waste.
  2. Increases business efficiency: By selling unsold food at a discounted price, businesses can recover some of the costs associated with food waste. This can also help to increase their efficiency by reducing the amount of food that they need to prepare and waste.
  3. Raises awareness: Too Good To Go raises awareness about the issue of food waste by educating users about the impact of food waste on the environment and encouraging them to take action to reduce waste.
  4. Provides an easy solution: Too Good To Go provides an easy and convenient solution for users to purchase surplus food from local businesses. This helps to encourage people to take action to reduce food waste and provides a platform for businesses to reach new customers.

How Can I Get Started on Too Good To Go?

Four easy steps and you can take home a bag of food at a massive discount today!

  1. Download the app (click here – non-affiliate link)
  2. Create a profile complete with payment information
  3. Find a local business offering a Surprise bag you’re interested in and click “Buy” on the one you want to try
  4. Pick up your bag at the appointed time

I’ve tried bags from five businesses so far, with costs ranging from $3.99-$5.99 per bag. Every single time I’ve walked away feeling I got an amazing value. A $4.99 bag from a local coffee shop, for instance, contained a full veggie burrito, a veggie croissant, a muffin, and a cookie.

For those wondering: Yes, you can input your dietary restrictions and preferences!

Overall, Too Good To Go is a great app that gives me a lot of hope that technology can help solve some of the problems we face today in our societies.

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