2022 Goals

What work will I do on myself this year toward becoming a more #sociallyconscious citizen? I’ve given it some thought. Watch the Insta reel and read on for more detail.

1. Walk 10,000 Steps Per Day

Not every single day, but my goal is a monthly average of 10,000 steps per day.

Why? This is probably just hype, but the number is touted as having some sort of magical benefits, although that has been widely found to be a marketing myth. I don’t think it will really help me suddenly start dropping body fat, any more than the 30-60 daily minutes of HIIT, cycling, yoga, weights, etc., I already benefit from without increasing step count.

The real reason is just that it’s a challenge. Last year I wanted to reach 10k but only reached 8,947. But I came up from like 3,500 in 2017! And I definitely feel fitter and happier by far than I did in 2017.

Challenging yourself to better health means putting your best self forward.

2. Dry January

Can I go all month alcohol-free? I’d like to.

A reboot and reset, that’s important to gather perspective. Drinking a lot during the holiday season is socially acceptable and expected in many ways.

No, I don’t have an alcohol problem. Not wanting to drink for a period of time or even on a specific day or occasion, shouldn’t be stigmatized.

As I write this, I am already mostly through the month, but I’ll save that for another post.

3. No New Clothes Until 2023

This year, I need to get a handle on my closet. Seriously, I have too many clothes, and they’re not all sparking joy. I keep moving them from home to home, wading through clothes I don’t wear and wearing clothes I don’t like as much to justify them in my closet. It’s insanity!

Backstory: After 2020 and my clothing audit (watch on YouTube here), I spent 2021 buying socially conscious clothing like no one’s business. My wardrobe finally reflects who I am… But now there’s just a lot of clothes in my life. Is it really conscientious if I’m still buying so much stuff?

So I got to thinking: I don’t really need anything. So I’m going to go a whole year without buying anything new, starting 1/1/22.

4. List Everything I Don’t Wear on Poshmark

Piggy-backing off of Goal 3, I need to actively get rid of things. There’s a lot that I can donate, but it’s also easier to stomach re-homing my things if I know they are going to someone who wants and is excited about them! Plus I know where they are going, which is not always the case with donations. I’m also going to continue with Freecycle and Buy Nothing groups.

5. No New Makeup or Beauty Products Until 2023

As with clothing, I seem to have spent too much time in 2021 accumulating socially conscious beauty products, without using what I have.

That’s ignoring the entire Buyerarchy of Needs! I have too much stuff, and it would do me good to use what I have, and I think I have enough to last through 2023 without having to buy anything new (except sunscreen).

6. Meditate Three Times Per Week

As noted below, I challenged myself to meditate daily over the holidays, and it was illuminating! Even one minute a day was enough to calm my anxiety, and relax enough to allow other solutions to enter my mind instead of focusing on problems. I get very excited about challenges, but sometimes overwhelmed, and meditating definitely has helped me grow beyond by removing that sense of frustration and tension.

7. Exercise Daily

During the “shelter in place” time in 2020, I spent a lot of time walking, running, and riding my bicycle. I moved my body a lot, but not necessarily always a formal “workout”.

Then in 2021 my mom got me an Apple Watch, and it changed my life. I worked out more than I had in years and got into the best shape I’ve been for a long time. And I’m only getting started! Aiming for exercise every day is the logical next step. Not necessarily a workout per se, it could just be a walk with my dog, but at least 30 minutes of exercise daily is what I’m aiming for.

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