August 2021 Gratitude Post

Since COVID restrictions were lifted, Summer has been wild. Certainly, I am grateful for all the friends and family who chose to spend their vacations with us! Plus the opportunity last month to visit Portland again was an amazing gift.

Grateful for Bizhaus

Calling this out by name because I’m glad to be here!

It’s a coworking space with a really friendly vibe. Something I’ve needed since I moved to LA only four months before COVID and knew/ was in touch with only scant few people. Finally a social life outside my house!

And, oh yeah, also a great place to work. Peaceful, focused environment, super smart people working there but also a sense of community.

I enjoy the routine of getting “work ready”, riding my bicycle over while I think about my schedule and tasks for the day. Then I arrive, start work, throw on exercise clothes for a lunchtime run or HIIT sesh, and maybe take a late afternoon stroll around the block, then leave work at or nearly on time and bicycle home thinking about what we want to do for the evening.

I know there are so many like me out there that just keep working when working from home, without a boundary. Seriously, it is probably a reaction to our collective trauma, to throw ourselves into work to feel like we still have a meaningful purpose in our lives; to feel a sense of control over our destinies. That said, I am definitely lacking any semblance of balance on a day-to-day basis, as evidenced by how much fun it was to have visitors.

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