July 2021 Gratitude Post

The first full month of Summer was busy and relaxing, with many twists and turns. So many gratitudes this month.

Yay, we’re engaged!

Grateful for My Fiancé

Yes, I am getting married! On the 2-year “Adoptversary” of our puppy, Pupperz Buddha, my boyfriend brought me to Malibu Lagoon for a picnic. It was absolutely beautiful, with surfers and pink sky. I remember even thinking it was incredibly romantic for a doggy celebration.

He suggested we play in the water and I agreed and then he said he just wanted to get a snack from the cooler first. As he was down there, he got on one knee and popped the question with a gorgeous ring, and we were hugging and dancing after when our housemates came running up with champagne! What an amazing moment I am so grateful for and so happy. My now-fiancé and I have been through so much and had so many great adventures together. Obviously, I am very excited.

Grateful for my New Job

Yes, I’m now a full-time employee at a mid-size company. Many years of running my own company and working on contract were exciting but finally, I decided to opt for some stability in my life. After 2020, it just feels right. I’m happy and grateful to have found a company where I can do some good and have a team to work with every day, while still being remote and having flexibility.

Within this gratitude, I want to also thank the other jobs I’ve had since moving to L.A. While it’s been a tough time for me and everyone, I worked hard and met a lot of great people, and got a chance to show that I’m indeed ready for the next level. In many ways, that’s the big hold-up: not getting a foot in the door to prove what you’re capable of and gain knowledge to take you to new levels.

I rode a scooter to work like this

Grateful for Coworking

Yes, in addition to the new job, I got myself a new office space to feel like I’m going somewhere to work. It’s also to make friends and have an office social life. Sure, it’s one mile away, but I actually wake up early and ride my bicycle over (or walk, or scooter) in California business casual every morning. Having a set workspace that’s just… not my house… is so great.

Grateful for Camping

Escaping the crowds and fireworks was so peaceful this 4th of July. The dogs appreciated it too! Being outside during the pandemic has sort of reset my priorities to doing more outdoor activities. Maybe it was because I was working too much or maybe I just felt I had other priorities, but I didn’t do enough outdoors activities when I was living in Portland in the past 8 years. Time to reset.

Grateful for Oregon

The Nexus 6, my long-form writer’s group

Visiting my home state and seeing friends and family after 1.5 years (and some friends I hadn’t seen in 2.5 years!) was an absolute treasure this month. Especially my writers’ group, my childhood friends, the Girls, my running team, my mom, and my mama-to-be sister! I guess that’s basically everyone.

I’m also glad to see things bouncing back. Portland especially got a lot of negative media attention and the situation there seemed dire, with so many places closing, an exploding homeless problem, and high levels of unrest. But things looked like they were actually going quite well, with a lot of restaurants bouncing back as food carts and just as many funky little shops and quirky events as ever. And, if I may say, everyone (vaccinated) was excited to participate!

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