June 2021 Gratitude Post

This month was so crazily busy thanks to everyone having gotten the vaccine and L.A. finally opening indoors officially. You could say a year’s worth of peat had been accumulating and the soil was ready for explosive growth. Or some other metaphor.

1. Grateful for Re-Opening

Remember when we thought we were going to be working from home for 6 weeks and we’d be back to normal by Summer 2020? Me too. So 15 months later, it was almost a surprise to see no-holds-barred openings in L.A.

I didn’t get to see or do a whole lot before lockdown, so re-opening was really exciting. Remembering the ambiance of restaurants and how that adds to the experience, walking into shops, going to yoga classes… Amazing how these normal activities suddenly seem so special.

I am grateful to be able to have these activities come back again safely after so much time. And of course my hope is that people stay vaccinated and safe so we can continue to enjoy businesses and get-togethers.

2. Grateful for Visitors

How honored does feel when your friends choose to spend their vacations visiting you? Very.

After a year and a half, it was awesome and a huge relief to see more friends visiting and being able to go out with them!

3. Grateful for New Connections

For the first time in a long time, I got to find events and classes of interest! And the kicker, I got to meet new people, all on my own. Things are getting busier, and I’m enjoying the chaos while it lasts.

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