Affiliate Recommendation: Carmen del Sol

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Why We Chose Carmen del Sol

With the re-rise of Crocs outside of the garden, and jelly bags and sandals making a long-term comeback, I had to wonder: Is there a cuter, and more importantly, environmentally-friendly way to rock the jelly look?

Now, per the Buyerarchy of Needs, using the jelly sandals you saved from 1997 would be the best– but chances are good you neither have nor fit into those anymore. The gently used market also seems notably dry for jellies. So… Recycled is the way.

In addition to the materials, though, when buying new I like to make sure that I’m getting the full socially conscious package for my money. That includes workers’ rights, not just environmental friendliness.

Add in a few Duck Duck Go searches, a 10% off first purchase incentive, and that is how Carmen del Sol was chosen.

Designed in New York, Made in Italy, Totally Fierce Socially Conscious Fashion

Carmen del Sol Bags & Shoes

All Carmen del Sol bags and shoes are made of sustainably sourced, 100% recyclable jelly material. The material is durable, weatherproof, and water resistant. This makes the bags and shoes ideal for a day at the beach or pool, and taking to your evening hot tub soak. Like all jellies, they’re great for kids, too, because they’re easy to clean and ruggedly resistant to tears or rips.

Everything is cute and fashionable, not just as resort-wear, but for everyday, too. That’s part of the Italian design magic that is infused into the Carmen del Sol line. Plus, the workers’ rights in Italy follow the E.U. standards, so you know you are supporting fair wages and working conditions. That is an important part of shopping consciously: Making sure workers are not working under modern-day slavery conditions.

Overall Highly Recommended

My first purchase from Carmen del Sol was one of their gold totes to gift to a tween. It went over very well!

Socially conscious items need to not only be consciously made and environmentally friendly, they need to be fashionable and useful, and this brand carries out that promise well. I also appreciate that it fits a specific niche, with easily cleaned, durable shoes and accessories. You could easily pack a picnic in the tote or your beach or yoga items, and show up for happy hour after.

This is the first socially conscious brand I’ve decided to become an affiliate with, and I expect it won’t be the last. Why not help conscious brands gain more of an audience? I think, if this is something I enjoy and feel excited about, chances are good that others will, too.