Buying Nothing for 30 Days

Today is April 1, 2021.

This is not an April Fools joke.

I’m going to document my journey to not buy anything besides food and supplies (sponges, laundry soap, etc.) for 30 whole days.

Why Buy Nothing?

Let’s face it… It’s too easy to buy now. And it’s getting too convoluted for me to distinguish a need from a want. Spending so much less money on transportation and experiences means I can afford more things, although of course that doesn’t mean I should be buying.

Shops are opening, so I mask up and look at dresses. I don’t have a long wrap sundress, although I do have a couple of dresses. Since I donated some of my not-so-conscientious lower-quality dresses, buying a new one seems like a need.

Yard and moving sales are happening, and we find a shelf we can use to finally get many of our kitchen items set up off the floor. This is something we’ve been looking at and shopping around for, and there’s one that fits our decor! No-brainer. Then, there are some stylish clothes and some books, too. Let’s toss those in.

Social media advertisements and accounts I follow make conscious products look so enticing, I find myself scrolling and filling carts, signing up for emails and liking Kickstarter campaigns. My consumer profile is on fleek, advertisers know exactly what I want to see.

And don’t get me started about scrolling Etsy, ThredUP, or Poshmark on work breaks. I have so many Favorites categories on there it’s not even funny.

Buying less is the most socially conscious option.

Buying Nothing Should Be Easy

The point is to become more mindful of what I buy and curtail mindless purchasing.

It’s also for me to more constructively use my time instead of browsing things I don’t need.

Remember that there are a lot of great experiences like hiking that don’t require unnecessary purchases!

Let’s see how it goes!

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