Conscious Finds on Amazon

While the storefront will continue to grow and change, I do want to note that this blog will explore extensive non-Amazon options as well as socially conscious choices related to use of time instead of money specifically.

First: What Do You Mean “Conscious Amazon”?!

Love or hate Amazon, the company has become a part of our lives. Many people have embraced the company to at least some degree, as evidenced by the company valuation. More than that though, it seems to make people’s lives easier, and that’s the source of the immense popularity.

Many members of the socially conscious community eschew Amazon, understandably. The company runs a virtual monopoly in many industries, swallowing and drowning out competitive ideas that keep prices down. The platform is rife with scams from China and other countries that have been seldom addressed. The obscene wealth of the owners runs counter to a productive society; studies have shown time and again that more egalitarian societies are happier and more satisfied with life on the whole.

Socially conscious hair color, found on Amazon.

So… How do you shop Amazon conscientiously?

The upshot to Amazon’s massiveness is that it gives a lot of small businesses a chance for increased sales and visibility. They let people set up a storefront with one or two inventive products or a full import business. Amazon also gives shelf space to authors who might have struggled for years to get into publication, to indie filmmakers streaming their film alongside Hollywood blockbusters, and streaming time to indie musicians. That in and of itself, shopping from a small business that may not even have a storefront or in-store presence at all, is socially conscious in my book.

Whether that’s worth the cut that Amazon itself gets, that’s for you to decide.

In addition to supporting small businesses getting off the ground, many socially conscious businesses are making a name on Amazon as a sales channel. That means bamboo diapers, sisal sponges, upcycled leather handbags, and organic shampoo bars, that may not be available in all areas via brick and mortar yet.

Curating My SoCon Storefront

After putting out my initial episode of Becoming Woke, I started looking into conscientious makeup and beauty products, which led me to subscription boxes such as FabFitFun, Birchbox, and my favorite, Causebox. That’s when I thought: How can I share my favorites all in one place?

(To interject briefly, that is also why I am starting this blog, since there are many conscientious things that are not available on Amazon and will not be forever.)

When searching via Google and Bing, I was pleased to find that there is a plethora of products available on Amazon, for affordable prices. Yes, I prefer other online marketplaces such as Etsy and Ebay, but Amazon does offer visibility. It seems clear that many socially conscious entrepreneurs agree.

The storefront is segmented by product uses and as reviews come through this blog, my Instagram account, and/ or my Facebook page, I will include those links as well.

Future of the Becoming Woke Storefront

Currently the storefront is made entirely of products I have personally tested and approved. They all fit the definitions I have for “socially conscious”, and ordering via the storefront gives money to the original sellers as well as a small kickback to Becoming Woke for our curation and reviewing efforts.

Stay tuned for reviews of everything on (and off!) the storefront on this very blog.

While the storefront will grow and change with time, again I want to re-iterate that the blog will cover socially conscious products available off-Amazon, socially conscious services and businesses, and socially conscious ways to spend time.

These are all based on my ongoing journey to become more woke, and I am excited to continue to share what I learn!

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